Becca + Frank
Good Luck Traditions & Details

Something Old

My Aunt Gail gave me my great-grandmother Rena’s handkerchief. It was perfect, since our given first names both start with the same letter, and I would need it for the tears of joy that came later.

Something New

I’m not usually a shoe person, but I decided to go all out for this! Frank’s sister Katie and mom Marion went shopping with me the week before the wedding and helped me pick out the heels I wore on the day. On my way to check out, I found the coziest-looking after-wedding shoes that came in our color: rose gold! So I wore both on the big day.

Something Borrowed

Frank’s Aunt Susan shared two pieces of jewelry with me. The first was a bracelet she wore at her sister Juliana’s wedding, which sparkled just like my shoes! The second was a necklace belonging to her own Aunt Sue, whom she was named after and who lived to be 101 years old. I was lucky enough to meet her! Two very special pieces.

Something Blue

Gail really thought of everything! For my bridal shower, she gave me not one, but TWO garters: one to wear and one to throw. I wore the sparkly garter and am saving the second one for our in-person celebration.

Sixpence In Your Shoe

Our dear friend Gail Stevens gave me a 1950 sixpence, which she purchased in an antique shop while in Ireland in 1999. My dad was born in 1950, so the year of sixpence was quite significant.

Special Pen

Gail’s husband Bryan Stevens hand-carved a beautiful commemorative pen, with which we signed our marriage license to make it official. The pen is made of maple inlay and black titanium, with a Swarovski crystal on the clip.

Cake Topper

My grandmother Joyce Appleby loved clothespins. She would use them all the time to pin notes to herself around her home. I wanted to honor her with the cake topper for our special day, so I hand-painted a clotespin outfitted as Frank and I were for the wedding.